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Family Pageants, contests, and
nude talent shows

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While no longer practiced in the USA, European nudist families still enjoy the occasional weekend of pageantry and  contests which offer family fun and give young people experience in poise and self-confidence building.

Talent shows, body painting, and costume contests are competitive but fun too.

pageant teen girl

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Never before seen footage, raw, unedited, no filler


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DVD - $150.00

Outtake 2

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pageant teen girl


Contest 15 ... See More Photos

Year 2000 Junior Miss Pageant

Registration, introductions and the nudist contest itself. Thirteen contestants. Ninety-five minutes main program + 20 additional minutes of Contest 15 Bonus Scenes.

DVD: 95 minutes

DVD - $120.00


Contest 13 ... More Photos here

Year 2002 Junior Miss Pageant

Introductions, pool antics and the naturist pageant itself.  Eight contestants.  The girls are having a great time!

DVD: 85 minutes

DVD - $140.00


TP-11  See More Photos

Year 2001 Junior Miss Pageant - vol. 11

The pageant continues.  Different day, ten new contestants. Registration, introductions and this naturist pageant itself.  Includes 17 bonus minutes.

DVD: 62 minutes

DVD - $100.00

TP-9  See More Photos

Year 2001 Junior Miss Pageant - vol. 9

Registration, introductions and the naturist pageant itself.  Ten contestants.  DVD includes bonus minutes.

DVD: 89 minutes

DVD - $130.00


Proud Mom & Dad with Daughters

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TP-7  See More Photos

Miss Teen Nudist 2001 - Contest 7

Registration, introductions and the naturist Miss Teen Nudist 2001 pageant itself.  Includes full family participation with photos of contestants with their parents.  Twelve contestants. Digitally shot, edited and mastered

PLUS... Christmas Jamboree: A special day for the hundred of so juniors, followed by the young at heart, who lined up to be greeted by Santa Claus. 60 minute DVD

DVD: 140 minutes

DVD - $130.00


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TP-5  See More Photos

2000 Junior Miss Contest 5

Miss Teen Nudist - Year 2000 Junior Miss Pageant. Includes registration, introductions and the naturist pageant itself. Thirteen new contestants. Digitally shot, edited and mastered.

DVD:  75 minutes

TP-5 DVD - $140.00
DVD:  75 minutes

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 "Camp Nudist"

Bonus DVD - $150.00
Run time:  120 minutes

Waiting for the next event

NC-6  See More Photos

Junior Miss Pageant 1999, vol. 1-pt 1

Introductions, contest dry run, registration, picnic and photo shoot. 12 contestants.  DVD includes bonus minutes.

DVD:  70 minutes

DVD - $100.00

Winners wave

NC-7  See More Photos

Junior Miss Pageant 1999, vol. 1-pt 2

Judging based on beauty, personality, poise and grace.  Resolution rating = GREAT.  DVD includes bonus minutes. 

DVD:  94 minutes

DVD - $119.00


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164 minutes total - Includes bonus footage

2 DVDs - $160.00

EV-21  See more photos

Body Art Jamboree

Creative juices flow, competition is fierce. Some very innovative body painting.
  Seen in *PV-2

DVD: 60 minutes

DVD $60.00

Dad and son


Natura Talent Revue

Talent Show.  On-stage comedy,
singing, skits, music.
Seen in *PV-3

DVD Format only

DVD:  79 minutes

DVD $60.00

The boys compete too


 EV-50  See more photos

Antosovice Family Naturist Pageant

Historic first for the Czech Republic. Photogenic and personality pageant.  Over 300 attendees.  DVD includes bonus minutes.

PLUS ... TP-3  More Photos

 1999 Jr. Miss Pageant - vol.  3

French nudist beauty contest. The best scenes and the highest resolution from the year 1999 French pageants. (50 minutes)

DVD: 125 minutes

Combo DVD

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A family song?

Watch out for that cartwheel

Pom poms on the knees too

Euro-Fest Pageant Double DVD = Double the fun!!

EV-5.6D  More Photos

Euro-Fest Pageant Parts 1 & 2

Hundreds of naturists turned out for a pageant showcasing personality, poise, talent and skits.  Adults take center stage, later followed by the teens and munchkins who entertain the crowd.

Double DVD

EV-5.6D  $70.00 buy

* Indicates as seen in Preview Series #

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