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Over 700 high resolution photo scans!

The Second PHOTO Collection now available!

Note:  Available only in North America.

  RARE Pageant Photo Collection

You've been asking for this collection from our Pageant Series ...

NOW it's HERE!  An unheard of VALUE!

From a PRIVATE COLLECTION now being released by the photographer. . . .Get up close and personal with this large format.

Your choice ... CD or DVD **
(content identical)

DVD-1 - $99.00


OR ...

- $99.00
These photos were taken during Junior Miss pageant video shoots and exemplify naturism as embraced by French naturists for decades.

Disc includes over 700 hi-resolution photos (4000 pixels wide at 72 dpi) taken during six Junior Miss Pageants. Three of the six pageants have never been seen before now.

Over 700 additional hi-resolution photos taken during 5 different Junior Miss Pageants. Two of the five pageants have never been seen before now. The 5 Junior Miss Pageants in Photos 2 are entirely different than the 6 pageants in Photos 1. All told, five of the eleven pageants have never been seen before.
Your choice ... CD or DVD
(content identical)
DVD-2 - $100.00

OR ...

- $100.00

Proud parents are included in the shoot.


**  Which works best for you?
CD or DVD?
(same photos on either disc)

The DVD version can be viewed on your TV from the comfort of your sofa.  However, your TV may not match the brilliance of the CD images viewed on a modern computer monitor. 

Each DVD photo appears for 5 seconds.  Just hit the pause button for longer viewing.

Note:  Available only in North America.


Order the CD version for hi-resolution viewing on your computer. Order the DVD version for a slide show presentation for your stand alone DVD player/TV.

NOTE:  If you have a 'wide screen' TV, use your remote to adjust to a 4:3 picture ratio (same as regular TV).

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