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 Cool weather can force Naturists inside but
not dampen their love to compete

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Even when the weather is warm and sunny naturists head for the gym for
a variety of competitions as well as family fun.  But don't forget the serious workouts either.  Keeping in shape is always important.

Some titles available in both DVD
and VHS formats

NOW... Save $20        EV-2  See more photos

Naturist Olympiada

In honor of the Olympic games, this large and enthusiastic group exhibited their own athletic abilities.
Seen in *PV-1

DVD only:  90 minutes

DVD - reg. $60.00
   Now only $40!

DVD - $40.00

Major tug of war

EV-8  See more photos

Sun-Fit Competitions
Physical prowess is on display as throngs of participants light up the gym with an outpouring of energy. 
Seen in *PV-2

DVD:  80 minutes - VHS:  60 minutes

DVD $60.00

 VHS $50.00

(Also seen in
Nude Water Activities)

EV-18  See more photos

Capkarna Swimming Pool / Harirov Gymnasium
Now on DVD exclusively

Swimming pool games, diving, daring jumps from the springboard. Plus gymnastics, indoor soccer.

DVD - $60.00
DVD:  93 minutes

Catch Daddy!

EV-19/20 "Best of" DVD

Regenerace Spa - See more photos

Pool high jinx, family fitness workout. Games, dancing, gym workout. Also a visit to Pasohlavky campsite with hundreds of families joining the activities.


DVD - $60.00

EV-22,3-AEROBICS3e.jpg (84898 bytes)

EV-22,3-AEROBICS7e.jpg (81065 bytes)

EV-22  See more photos

Ritmico Dance Studio - Aerobics 1

Aerobics classes for female naturists. Exercise, stretching, laughing, lots of fun time.

- - - - - - Plus a best of DVD - - - - - -
DVD:  69 minutes

EV-23  See more photos

Ritmico Dance Studio - Aerobics 2

Continuation of Ritmico Dance Studio - Aerobics. Low-impact aerobics to music.

(Also seen in Yoga Activities and
 All-Female Activities)


VHS - $50.00
50 minutes


EV-22-3d - Best of...
Save $10

 DVD - $50.00
(includes scenes from 1 & 2)


VHS - $50.00 VHS: 
50 minutes


(Also seen in
All Female Activities)

EV-26  See more photos

FKK Workout ... Now on DVD too!

Ladies enjoy a day of toning with gym equipment followed by aerobicizing.

DVD:  69 minutes
- VHS: 
50 minutes

DVD - $60.00

VHS - $50.00

(Also seen in Massage Series)

EV-35  See more photos

Bodywork/Touch '94

Family gym workout and trampoline fun followed by massage instruction and practice.
Seen in *PV-3

DVD:  85 minutes - VHS:  65 minutes


DVD - $60.00

VHS - $50.00

EV-52   See more Photos

Sport Rally '94

Come one, come all.  Huge turnout.  Calisthenics, ball games, team competition.  Variety galore.
Seen in *PV-3

DVD:  85 minutes - VHS:  65 minutes

DVD - $60.00

VHS - $50.00

Drop those sweats ... Workout NUDE !!
The following videos are filmed in England and taught in English

MV-201D  See more info

All Nude Workout vol. 1

Want to get into shape and keep fit nature's way? Then try the first-ever All Nude Workout to help you shape and tone your body in the most natural way possible.

DVD:  55 minutes

NOTE:  The following "All Nude Workout" DVDs can only be purchased via phone or email

DVD - $29.95

MV-202D  See more info

ALL Nude Workout Vol. 2
   Our group of attractive instructors  will teach you aerobic routines including Step and Heavy hand workouts.  Also includes a weight-training section on exercise machines and a special section devoted to sexual fitness.
DVD:  45 minutes

DVD - $29.95

MV-207D  See more info

All Nude Workout 7
Boobs 'n Backs
   This section of our Focused Workout Series concentrates on those exercises specifically aimed at strengthening and toning the chest, breast, and back areas. Enjoy joining in with the Nude Workout teams as they take you through your paces in a range of movements taken from the whole of the Nude Workout series.

DVD:  45 minutes

DVD - $29.95

Also ... a Unique Instructional Exercise Video for Couples to workout together and relax.

flex-1.jpg (44282 bytes)

flex-9.jpg (19319 bytes)

MV-203D  See more photos

Flex for Sex
(DVD is titled All Nude Workout #3)

Designed for couples, this 2-person workout is geared toward enhancing lovemaking by creating a fun, focused and relaxing series of pre-lovemaking exercises.
DVD:  Run time ~ 55 minutes

(Also seen in Other Nudist Titles)

DVD - $29.95

*As seen in Preview Series

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