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Nude DVD Workout 7 ...
Focused Body Building        

Nude Workout 4
Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

only $29.95 each

The Art of Naked Yoga

De-stress ... Relax

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Volume 1
Beginners level

Filmed at H&E's club grounds at Christmas Pie Woods, this video gives clear instruction on a series of Yoga asanas (postures) suitable for beginners and continuing students. Yoga is one of the best forms of exercise for toning the whole of your body.   Run time ~ 45 min.
Learn to De-stress and Relax.


Volume 2
Includes Introduction to Power Yoga

In the second volume of Nude Yoga videos, watch a group going through a set of postures designed for anyone to adapt to everyday use.  All the while enjoying the beautiful English countryside.
Run time ~ 45 min.

Feel invigorated and energized.

Vol. 1 DVD ... $29.95

(You can always remove it later)

  Vol. 2 DVD ... $29.95

(You can always remove it later)

Nude DVD Workout 7 ...
Focused Body Building        

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